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About Us

Beehouse is an investment firm focused on the legal cannabis industry in the United States.

Private Equity


Since 2018, Beehouse has invested in leading private cannabis companies.  Beehouse has taken leadership roles and board seats in businesses with excellent management teams, differentiated products and sustainable competitive advantages. 

Public Equities

In May 2020, Beehouse, LLC launched Beehouse Partners, LP to invest in public cannabis companies after closely observing, and investing with, public management teams.  

Beehouse Justice Initiative

Focused on cannabis and incarceration, the Beehouse Justice Initiative was founded in 2019 with the mission to heal some of the harms caused by unequal enforcement of cannabis prohibition. The Beehouse Justice Initiative makes grants to organizations that work to keep non-violent offenders out of jail, help the incarcerated, and recently incarcerated, become more productive, and restore hope to disparately impacted communities.

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